Earlier this week I had a really fantastic jogging workout and I mean Really Fantastic.  It didn’t start out that way but as I was pushing through to hit that magic number of 22 minutes where I could tell myself it was ok to start cooling down, a song I really enjoy came on.  So I jogged while I listened to it.  Twice.  Happy tears mixed with sweat.

I moved on to my 8-minute cool down.

Had a few sips of water.

And then it hit me.  It is beautiful outside!  I should go to the beach for the afternoon!  It’s only 90 miles away and with that in mind I grabbed a couple friends and we were off!

35667Three hours later we had feet planted firmly in the sands of Seaside, Oregon and enjoyed a couple hours of salty breeze and blue skies, then wonderful sushi (I had two vegetarian tempura asparagus rolls and snitched a couple bites of a sweet potato roll from my friend) and a glass of water while we waited for iced tea.  Iced Tea never arrived and it was soon time to head home.  But not before cruising the historic turnaround at sunset!



And the headache hit.

It hit hard.

With still an hour drive to go I was sweating and shaking and really quite miserable.  None of us had ibuprofen or Tylenol to knock that headache down a bit.  The water in my container tasted meh and I made a mental note to pick up a new filter for my britta pitcher.  (Our town’s water comes from a small, nearby river and already the water level is fairly low so the tap water has a grittiness to it.)

I finally get the girls back to their home and make the thirty minute drive towards my own home.

Walk into the house and…


The next few hours were pure misery as I alternated between vomiting and crying because my head hurt so bad.  As a teenager and into my early 20s I suffered migraines.  This was borderline.  I was sweating and covered in goosebumps at the same time.  I had no tears, just a burning in my eyes while I cried.  My vision was blurry.

Shortly before dawn I was able to keep down a few sips of water and take more ibuprofen.  <- pills don’t help if you don’t keep them down.  At 10am I decided I would live but was pretty sure I wouldn’t venture outside the home so cancelled a meeting with friends scheduled for the afternoon.  (Sorry guys.)

Dehydration.  I did not properly hydrate after my workout.  We spent the afternoon in the sun and wind.  I didn’t drink enough water at dinner.  Did I mention I skipped lunch?  My waterbottle went largely ignored.

I did this to myself!  (and it would be smart to point out that I should have gone to urgent care to get checked out)


So the reason for this post is to remind you to drink water.  Not just a sip here and there.  A simple calculation for what volume of water you should drink each day is this:

weight in pounds / 2   So, if I weigh 150# / 2 = 75.  I should drink 75 ounces of water each day.


If you’re working out and/or the weather is hot you may certainly need to up that amount!  I count tea towards my daily water intake.  Juices, milks, coffees I do not count though they each have important parts in my nutritional plan.  Seriously, you probably don’t want to hang out with me if I’m off coffee.

The recent increased intensity of my workouts needed to be factored into my plan.  As your Nutrition and Fitness Lifestyle Coach I need to lead by example.  And guys, this sad experience was surely an example you do not want to duplicate.  Learn from my example.

So now I’m also upgrading my Britta pitcher to the 10-cup capacity pitcher.  Now I will never have the excuse that “I’m out of water”.  Plus now I can brew a bigger pot of coffee! hahaha  If you want to click the link below and shop with me, that’s cool.  The small referral fee I earn from Amazon.com helps offset some of the fees associated with running a website.

Leave a comment below and tell me about your experiences with dehydration and how scary it can be!  Three days later I finally feel like I’m ready for a jog again but I think we will take baby steps and probably take a nature walk instead.  Tomorrow though, tomorrow is a whole new day.

Take care of yourself,