EMBRACE THE ART OF LIVING with Coach Carlie Hall.

Welcome to my world.  Wife, business owner, traveler, nutrition and fitness lifestyle coach.  Follow along as I journal my way through adventures in the Pacific Northwest.  Browse through the different pages on my website and then pop over to my facebook page and join in the fun!


So who am I?  What do I do?

It’s easy.  I journal my way through clean eating, fitness programs, destination adventures, and I coach my clients through their journeys.  I share my highs and lows and my successes and setbacks.  Like when I eat an entire pizza or join my ladies for High Tea (or something like that).  My team is proudly called Embrace the Art of Living.



Oh, some background info.  I’m a 40-something wife located in Oregon State.  I have a great love of animals and nature.  I love glamping in the great outdoors.  I love rodeos, and operas and ballets. 13179273_10205124862439744_4631512687603421626_n

I may or may not own a miniature bucking bull.  I love cowboys and policemen.  One in particular.  I love to travel and read books, I love to sing and fancy myself a really mediocre but enthusiastic karaoke star!





I knit and weave on a loom, I cook several things well and other things terribly.  I love to bake pies and bread in my Traeger Grill.  I’m a messy and joyful artist.  I am an awful housekeeper.


But above all, I love God and hope to make him proud through my daily journey.  I hope to be half as amazing as my mother.  I dream of being as outstanding a woman as my grandmothers Zoe and Lila Carleen and Great Aunts Eve and Ellen were.

I have had the privilege of knowing many strong women and they lead me to dream and aspire to greatness.



The best man in my life is none other than my husband.  He’s my hero and maybe yours too.  He is my rock.  My balance.  My partner.

I love my clients and followers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use my Contact Me page to send me a message!