So about a week ago I broke the band on my fitness band.  I am very hard on jewelry and watches… so it’s no surprise that I eventually broke this item too.  I cut the band off and have been carrying the computer part in a pocket each day since… until today.

Yesterday while on the monthly pet-friendly group walk that I put together I commented that “ok guess I need to buy a new band”.  People asked which kind I would get this time and I immediately responded that I would get the very same brand and model: Jawbone Up2.  I really like this band!   It monitors sleep quality and of course movement throughout the day.  I know there are brands that also include heart-rate monitoring but I do not require that – having worked in the veterinary field for 15 years I can measure a heart-rate with my fingertips on pretty much any mammal or feathered creature.

After running errands today with my husband we stopped by his office where he presented me with a box.  I opened it and found a new fitness band! and it was the very one I already enjoyed.

What a great husband I have!

I’ve been finding excuses to walk here and there all afternoon now.

If you were to utilize one of the Jawbone brand fitness trackers you and I could challenge each other.

Check out the amazon listing below.  The band I use is currently $34.99 through

Until next time!

Jawbone Up2