A week+ of “Winter Weather” definitely has me digging through my fiber stashes and working on knitting projects. I’m nearly out of handspun yarn and have only half a dozen cakes of hand-dyed-by-me mill spun yarn. I have a bit of roving I dyed this week that is drying. Next week I’ll spin and dye some merino fiber and possibly get started on that alpaca fleece. I’m still hoarding my angora fiber. The bunnies are overdue for a haircut but baby, it’s cold outside and I want to make sure they stay plenty warm when playing outdoors.

Projects I am working on: #1: a black hat for my husband. Well, it’s supposed to be black. Black is the combination of all colors. White the absence of all colors. Does that makes sense? Honestly, I haven’t achieved true and total black yet with my dye batches. This though is the closest and is a deep and dark charcoal gray with a unfortunate but beautiful purplish hue.

Project #2: a pair of shorty house socks for me! I’m using a cranberry tweed I dyed up in the Fall for the body of the sock but I want to do something bold for the toe section. That part is undecided yet.

Project #3: a client has asked me to design and weave a coat scarf to match her new winter coat. We are still working on color selections.

Project #4: a woven and then felted purse that has a Spring landscape theme I’ve dubbed “LilaCS” <- yes intentional use of caplocks.

I’ll update this post as I get around to taking and uploading pictures of the projects.

Projects I completed in February: 3 tonal-dyed wool hats. 2 were gifted to people and 1 I kept for myself and absolutely love!

gifted – love these pinks
gifted – wildflower colorway

That’s all for now. Have a great day and be kind to yourself and others.