What makes a good sammy?


For ME there has to be crunch, and deep flavors.  The rest is just bonus.

20160621_111133-1Grilled onions.
Grilled mushrooms.

Crispy lettuce.
Ripe tomato sliced thick.

Spicy brown mustard.

Cheese or not.
Meat or not.

But the best part is the bread.  Usually I use the sandwich slenders you find at the grocery store.  Since I follow a portion-control meal plan, I am very greedy about how I choose to eat my carbs.  Today though I went full-speed ahead with a sesame seed-topped burger bun and a grilled burger.

Meal container breakdown:  2 Yellow, 1 Red, 1 Green.  No guilt and absolutely satisfied.

What is your favorite meal?  Would you like help cleaning it up?  Comment below and I’m happy to lend you my thoughts!


In the meantime, I’m off to enjoy raspberry chia pudding <- also no guilt!