Got Rhubarb?

Ahhhhh Spring is finally here!  I don’t know about you but I am beyond tired of Winter.  The Pacific Northwest had an unusually cold winter season and snow even in the banana belt microclimate where we make our home.





Spring means growth!
Yesterday was the scion event locally and I visited for my first time.  The event center was packed full of people ready to expand their edible landscape via grapes, berries, apples, pears….
Speaking of edibles, our property is Spring-ing to life and today I’m actually going to harvest a couple stalks of rhubarb to juice and add to my mocktail this evening.  (This reminds me that I need to share with you the amazing pina colada recipe I created recently.  I added rum but you could totally serve this as a mocktail.)
Green onions are ready for another haircut and should be able to harvest a few sprigs of oregano too.

Baby apple trees


At the scion event, I picked up 4 grafted apple trees that I ordered back in October.  Yes, those puny sticks you see are the 2017 addition to my miniature orchard.




Grape vine starts


I also brought home 7 grape vine starts!







It’s time to knit!

What else is new?  Well I would not say “new” but I would say I am being more vocal about one of my hobbies: fiber arts. Seriously, what could be more exciting than weaving a basket from grapevines or knitting a beautiful scarf? Last year I decided to push beyond my simple knitting projects and work towards a little dream of mine which would be to offer more of my handmade crafts to the public.  I’ll touch more on that in a future post.



The Savory Spice Shop is my favorite “foodie” shop. Their products turn even the simplest meal into an adventure!

Fiber crafts does make the hours fly by and that means I have to be more aggressive about my nutrition plan and fitness program.  Let’s face it, sitting on your tush for 3 and 4 hours at a time isn’t exactly a calorie burning event.  In fact, it is hard on your system!  “Knitter’s back syndrome” is what I’ve named the reason for my aching back.  More stretching of my muscles is in order and I now set a timer for each hour of fiber crafts time so that I force myself to get up and move around to minimize back pain.  Aaaaannddd I need to eat more fruits and vegetables and cut back on double chocolate banana bread. <- ugh, so good!!!

I have a 21-day fitness lifestyle accountability group forming – no fooling! – on April 1st.  Comment below if you’re interested in more information.  We emphasize flavorful and healthy eating, fun with fitness, and my motto “Embrace the Art of Living”!


Blossom loves popcorn

My best girl “Blossom” continues to do well with her chemotherapy.  Her appetite remains strong and while she tires quickly, she loves our afternoon walks.  Cancer sucks.

That’s all for now!

Thanks for stopping by!