Out with old shoes.

As you know, I completed my first 5k Event in June, 2016.


Earlier this week I decided I want to complete a 10k Event in 2017.  With determination I set a plan in place.  This includes throwing my penny-pinching ways aside and buying really good running shoes.


img_20161010_145515 So I did it.

I went and was fitted for a new pair of running shoes at Fleet Feet Sports in Lake Oswego.  My technician was Brian.  <- He warmed up to my zany sense of humor but it was clear his mission was to select the RIGHT shoes for my feet and movement.  Finally we selected the Brooks Ghost 9.
I ignored the pricetag and just went for it.

I started breaking them in that evening.





Monday’s Run


Tuesday’s run

I feel great!  No sciatic nerve pain.  I was pretty tired last night (I have a bit of a cold trying to take over but seriously, I don’t have time for a cold) and slept well.  Seriously though, NO BACK AND LEG PAIN.  (I started noticing leg pain on the left when I was training for my 5k.  The pain has progressed bad enough that some days I am nearly crying in pain by noon.  And this is a girl who is supposed to lead YOU towards your fitness goals. )  It felt wonderful to wake up pain-free.

Today is scheduled to be a walking day with weight training added in.  I bet I visit Master’s Hammer & Chisel workout streamed through teambeachbody.com  Sagi and Autumn have put together an amazing program that produces excellent results.

I’m also paying attention to what foods I eat.  More eggs, less processed foods.  More veggies, less meats.  More fruits, less bread products.  Drink my Shakeology every day. <- Report in to my challenge group every day.  You can learn more about my challenge groups by visiting my facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/CarlieHallCoach/
I also have a link to Master’s Hammer & Chisel on my Team Embrace the Art of Living page contained within this website.

Time to buckle down!  I need to represent!

That’s all for today.

Peace out!