It really weirds me out when people wish me “Happy Memorial Day”. It’s like they think it’s some great long weekend holiday full of BBQs and parties.

It’s not.

Memorial Day is meant to honor those that fought for our freedom and gave their lives for our United States of America.

It’s not a happy day. It’s a solemn day filled with reflection and respect.

grandpaMy husband and I attended a ceremony in Vancouver, WA yesterday where my grandfather is buried. In the military section of the cemetery, each gravestone or marker had a flag placed by it. At the conclusion of the ceremony, the speaker said… “There are many soldiers here today that do not have a flag by them as they rest in other parts of the gardens. Go find a soldier and pay respects and place a flag by his grave.”

So off we went on a journey. I wanted to find someone near where Grandpa slept. So we pace north walking past hundreds of people at rest. After 20 minutes of searching, we were so happy that we had yet to find a Veteran that was not acknowledged. Maybe not one was forgotten.

JulianHarryAnd then we found him. And now he too has his flag.

Rest in Peace Julias Harry WWII Veteran. I thank you for your sacrifice made that I and my family will only know freedom.

I don’t know you but from this day forward I will not forget you.

We visited early in the day so I am sure by evening hundreds more flags were added to the gardens.  I hope that Mr.Harry had many more flags added to his resting place.

I didn’t understand my grandfather.  He didn’t have much interest in hanging out with a chatty and hyper little girl.  As I grew up and learned more about him, I grew to respect him.  I know he was a good man.  And I loved him.