It’s Monday and my day started off early with the puppy wanting out at 6:15AM.  I enjoyed a cup of coffee with unsweetened almond milk, a touch of vanilla and cinnamon.

I spent the next three hours listening to my weekly coach call, reaching out to teammates and clients, and researching my next vacation.  It’s funny to call it a vacation when I already create my own schedule and office locations.  Vacation means I do not take my laptop!  Researching a trip means I’m looking for coupons and deals.

Speaking of deals, Safeway has canned beans and tomatoes on sale right now.  Sounds like I’m going to make chilli today!  Also, Kashi bars are on sale for $2.85 a box which is right about what I spend through Amazon.

Oh Amazon. I relaunched my Amazon Storefront today.  Take a peek.  The shelves are a little bare but I want to only select items I really use – and use often.

Two client walking sessions scheduled for today.  It’s cool and a bit cloudy out today, but I’m still wearing my sunscreen.  Skin cancer is preventable.  Wear your sunblock.

Peace out,