The Winter months are often a hard time for me.  I dislike the dark and cold evenings that seem to last much too long.  This Winter was especially hard as I lost my best friend to cancer.  She fought hard and always with a smile  on her face.  3 months later I still feel the loss as sharply as if it were yesterday.  That said, I’m still getting chores done, hours logged, orders filled, and finding time to stop and appreciate the beauty that is Mother Earth.

Not all of winter was dark and dreary.  I enjoyed three amazing adventures with fantastic people!  Most recently we returned from a vacation in paradies: San Jose del Cabo Mexico.  What a beautiful place.  I awakened to temperatures of 72-degrees most mornings while I watched the sun rise.  8 days in this paradise renewed my energy and brought home with me the normal things like a sunburn despite liberal usage of sun block and the goal to double down on my efforts to make get-aways even more of a focus in this season of life.


Did I mention we returned to snow?  Yes, snow.  Thankfully it lasted only a week but I’m definitely over the cold of Winter and look forward to Spring!  Temperatures in the 50s and daylight lasting until 7pm…. mmmm…. dreamy.

So what’s on the forecast this Spring for Carlie?

As always, I’m here to cheerlead and hopefully also inspire you to treat your body well through clean eating, fitness goals, and always with the intent to Embrace the Art of Living.  If you follow my coaching page on facebook, you know I love to post pictures of food and talk about cooking.  I also do a great job of poking fun at my sometimes awkward attempts to be brilliant in my workouts.  We are currently in the middle of hosting an 8-week private accountability group that focuses on building consistency in workouts and nutritional mindfulness.  Next group begins on or around April 1st – no foolin’.



What’s going on in the fiber arts world?  Ok, that’s where I’m having the most fun.  I’ve completed two patterns for spring fashion tops and am working on the final details of a simple but elegant sleeveless tunic.  As always, it seems someone is in search of a special and one-of-a-kind baby blanket for a new addition to the family.  These are a pleasure to create and I hope the gifts are cherished for years to come.  Two more looms have been added to my studio that allow for more intricate patterns and larger projects.


I think that’s it for now.  Timer just went off on the oven which means my roasted brussel sprouts are ready!

Roasted brussel sprouts

Until next time,