I love parades!  I seriously love them – I mean eyes leaking with joy and happiness – that’s how much I love them.

IMG_20160704_120802This morning I attended our local 4th of July parade.

But let me back up for a moment.  There’s a gentleman I see several times a week in his electronic wheelchair/scooter.  His ride is decked out with our American Flag and he is usually in uniform.  I have seen him over the past few years and other than nodding as he races by I’ve never had an interaction with him.  I’ve often wondered “who is he? what is his story?”

Today I saw him in the parade!  He looked so proud and perfect in his Marine uniform.  Today is his day too because he represents America each and every day.

IMG_20160704_113257After the parade my husband and I wandered around.  We found a pancake breakfast.  Since I’ve been eating my carbs in the mornings for the last couple of weeks a couple pancakes sounded like a smart decision.  oooooohhhh and fresh, hot coffee!


We also enjoyed looking at many of the cars entered in the classics car show.  Hubba hubba beautiful cars and trucks.  Did I mention that the parade was filled with amazing cars too?



IMG_20160704_113627My husband and I really work hard to create a beautiful life.  Not every day is easy.  You honestly have to work on relationships every day.  His career is very demanding. There are sadly many highs and lows and there are parts of his job I will never know about (thankfully).  I just do my best to be always here with a silly joke, a saucy grin and a fridge full of steaks, chocolate, and beer.  When we are both home we intentionally make sure each day is filled with moments of beauty,  laughter and always love.

Fill your day with moments of beauty, moments of laughter, and always moments of love.

Happy Birthday America!

Carlie (5200 steps in from this morning’s adventure!)