I welcome 2019 with great enthusiasm!

At the stroke of midnight I launched into a fun and challenging fiber arts knitting challenge: the herringbone pattern. The challenge is to complete a cowl featuring the herringbone patter within 7 days. The rest of the details such as size, length, fiber content…. are all up to we individual fiber artist participants.

It’s 10 AM and my eyeballs are rolling in my head and I admit I’m going to need some ibuprofin and reading glasses as I proceed with this project. I’m pleased to report though that I am already 6 rows in!

I’m using an adjustable loom set at 3/8″ spacing and have cast on 152 stitches with a double e-wrap. Row 1 is the purl over. Rows 2-5 are e-wrap. I’m hoping that purl over prevents rolling. We shall see!

And now row 6 starts the herringbone stitch which is created over 2 loom pegs at a time. (Note to self, if I like this project consider gluing pegs in as there’s quite a bit of pull on the pegs and several are slipping loose and so I have to pay close attention to not only my yarn but also my loom parts.)

I’ll keep you updated as the herringbone cowl adventure progresses.

What else in new for 2019? I have 3 travel adventures planned for first quarter of the year. One of them is only a couple weeks away! It will include sand, wind, and wine. It’s almost like a brand for me as many of my travel adventures carry the same theme 🙂

Health: well I always say I’m going to be more intentional about what foods I put into my body and be more intentional about physical activity. The thing is, I’m still going to eat pizza and sample those loaves of homemade breads. I’m still going to eat cheese. I have a goal of packing meals for myself on days I work outside of the home (you know, working for that other awesome Boss Lady named Valori).

Home: Today I start the daunting task of packing up Christmas. I don’t like packing up Christmas. I love the tree and ornaments and stockings. I love my front door being covered in greeting cards received from loved ones. Yes, I know it will all be back in 47 weeks…

WHAT!? I have only 47 weeks to design my display for 2019!? I better get busy!

For now though, it’s back to the knitting loom and tackling the challenge and then maybe a walk in the sunshine with my cute pup Echo.

That’s all for today.

Peace out!


“Become a new person this year in righteousness and holiness of truth” – Ephesians 4:24