Time to get moving!

Yes, get up on your feet!

Join along as we walk and dance and lift our way to awesomeness.  It all starts with the first step.


If you’re a beginner then you are just the type of person I like.  If you’re well started on your journey, you’ve found our page at just the right time.  If you’re a fitness professional or culinary genius then I’m excited have you following along and by all means throw in your two-cents of opinions and ideas!

How my journey began.
21df_cp_logo_170x100Ahhhhh 21 Day Fix
Three weeks of workouts and a nutritional plan including the portion control containers, one month of Shakeology and a shaker bottle!  Dude, I was set.  I completed two rounds of 21 Day Fix and saw a 14.9# weight loss.  Trust me, I tried so hard to get that last .1# to shed on the last day.  It was stubborn!  From there I regained confidence in myself and was ready to shout it from the mountain tops!  Several of my coworkers joined in and saw success with one of our girls losing 20# !  Wow!!!!  It was then I began building my team.  Working out 6 days a week, eating healthier than ever, and sharing my story.
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I’ve included amazon links to some of my favorite fitness equipment and books below.  Here’s where I mention that I’m an amazon affiliate and kerching!$ I may earn a few cents when you order after clicking a link.