Hello everyone!  I utilize two fitness tracking programs.  The Jawbone Up2 fitness band and MapMyWalk app.

Here’s what each product does for me:

Screenshot_20160525-112647UP2 #1 keeps track of steps.  Or more accurately, it keeps track of arm swinging as I wear the band on my non-dominant arm.  #2 it keeps track of “sleep”.  I put sleep in quotes because the band isn’t perfect.  It’s not the band’s fault that I like to watch tv in bed and may not move for half an hour.  Often the band will suggest I’m in light sleep mode.  I definitely logs me as awake when I get up to let the dog out to go potty or I head to the kitchen for a glass of water.  It then assumes I am awake for 10 minutes after heading back to bed.  In all, I set a goal of being in bed for 10 hours each night.  I like seeing the light sleep/deep sleep graph the next day.  The UP2 software (runs on your smart phone and can also link to your computer but I have not done this) also allows you to keep track of water intake and foods, and to manually enter workouts such as swimming, weight training and the level of intensity you used.  If you have friends that use a jawbone fitness tracker you can have them join your Team and issue challenges.  It links well with other apps such as …MapMyWalk


MapMyWalk is another great app available through googleplay that – you guessed it – maps your walks, runs, adventures!  I use it whenever I’m exploring a new route so that I can see where I was and the distance covered.  Because I have linked to my UP2, the info is shared.  As with jawbone, if you have friends using MapMyWalk you can invite them to be your friend and share info about your adventures.


These two programs are part of my daily journaling of my health and fitness journey.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blogpost.

Links to the  UP2 and UP3 below!