One of the things I really enjoy about taking hold of your life and reaching towards your dreams is the reality of making it happen.

What is “it”?

For me, the ability to spend time with my family and friends is very important. Cultivating the gifts and talents God has given me so I can give back to the community is very important. Planning destination adventures or simply a home cooked meal with my husband – very important! That’s my “it”.

“It” is the lifestyle you choose to embrace.

How do I achieve “it”?

I plan. I save. I schedule. I research deals.

I like to save time and I like to save money.  I like to dream big and reach for those stars!

I do not like driving around town for silly errands like running low on toilet paper or toothpaste.  I do not like to pay full price for gasoline.  I do not like opening the fridge after a long day at work and seeing there is nothing to eat. So how do we cancel out the “dislike” and make room for more “like”?  It’s actually simple and takes only a moment of planning.  I’m going to walk you through this!


Today we will talk about household inventory – the nuts and bolts that keep your household functioning.  Items you use frequently and never want to run out of… those items go on your household inventory list.  I utilize Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program extensively to always stay ahead of the battle.

Toilet paper
Dish detergent
Sanitizing wipes
Pet supplies
Air filters
Feminine products
Pantry items

I choose the item I want, click subscribe and save, click frequency for shipment, confirm subscription.  Done!
Each month I receive an email from Amazon letting me know a shipment is about to occur and I click the link to make any adjustments needed.  5 items or more on your list?  Save up to an additional 15% !

Did I mention Amazon has coupons?  Yes!  It’s true!

Savings – it just keeps adding up!

You save money by steering clear of impulse purchases.
You save time by not driving around running from store to store.
Saving times frees up time to do more of your “like” projects!
Saving money frees up funds to implement your “like” projects!

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Until next time,
Peace out!