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Do I listen to Podcasts?

Do I listen to podcasts?  YOU BET I DO! I listen to podcasts in the car, while knitting, when I just want “me” time.  I consider podcasts as both personal and professional development tools. There are three podcasts I listen… Continue Reading →

Now THAT’s a wrap!!!

Seriously, I cannot believe I just learned about coconut wraps last month.  They are absolutely my favorite thing since discovering that I like zoodles.  Only raw zoodles.  Cooked zucchini still is on my “no” list. I first tried the coconut… Continue Reading →

Embrace the “It”! (part 1)

One of the things I really enjoy about taking hold of your life and reaching towards your dreams is the reality of making it happen. What is “it”? For me, the ability to spend time with my family and friends… Continue Reading →

All Access!

I’m trying to ignore the grocery stores today because we all know what February 15th means…. serious markdowns on all Valentine’s themed candies, chocolates and gifts.  I could easily fill a freezer full of dark chocolates without feeling the least… Continue Reading →

2 weeks of travel

I spent two weeks travelling over the Pacific Northwest and Paradise.  Paradise, Nevada! I welcomed a new nephew into our family.  Mom and baby doing well. My husband and I popped over to “Vegas” for a getaway.  We returned refreshed… Continue Reading →

On my toes about nutritional plans

Yesterday I had a great time visiting two of my favorite stores: Bob’s Red Mill and Savory Spice Shop.  Both stores have pretty much everything I need that I cannot grow or pick up at my local farmer’s market or… Continue Reading →

9k for K9s

Yesterday was the annual 9k for K9s fundraising walk that benefits the canine unit of a local police department. This year I participated in all three loops and by noon had completed over 12,000 steps.   Steps.  Oh yes!  I… Continue Reading →

I Love Parades

I love parades!  I seriously love them – I mean eyes leaking with joy and happiness – that’s how much I love them. This morning I attended our local 4th of July parade. But let me back up for a moment. … Continue Reading →

5k Run in the books

Yesterday I attended the Wicked Wine Run which was 5k of hills through beautiful Stoller Vineyards in Dayton, OR. BEAUTIFUL property! BEAUTIFUL day!     But man…. Hills.  Where did all the hills come from???   After a week of… Continue Reading →

What makes a good sammy?

What makes a good sammy?   For ME there has to be crunch, and deep flavors.  The rest is just bonus. Grilled onions. Grilled mushrooms. Crispy lettuce. Ripe tomato sliced thick. Spicy brown mustard. Cheese or not. Meat or not…. Continue Reading →

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