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Winter weather = lots of knitting

A week+ of “Winter Weather” definitely has me digging through my fiber stashes and working on knitting projects. I’m nearly out of handspun yarn and have only half a dozen cakes of hand-dyed-by-me mill spun yarn. I have a bit… Continue Reading →

Happy New Year 2019!

I welcome 2019 with great enthusiasm! At the stroke of midnight I launched into a fun and challenging fiber arts knitting challenge: the herringbone pattern. The challenge is to complete a cowl featuring the herringbone patter within 7 days. The… Continue Reading →

Autumn Arrives

Autumn has arrived. I’m talking Fall.  As in, leaves are falling everywhere.  And so are prickly twigs and branches from our evergreens.  The bunnies hop around and require daily detangling.   I gave in… squinting wasn’t always quite good enough… Continue Reading →

Spinning adventures

I love yarn!  I think we’re all pretty aware of that.  For my birthday, a friend helped me get a spinning wheel.  Prior to the wheel, I used a drop spindle to create small amounts of yarn.  Beautiful but tedious…. Continue Reading →

Updating my “Shop with me on Amazon” page

I realize that I’ve been so focused on communicating with my facebook and instagram peeps that I’ve neglected several parts of this website.  Over the next two weeks I’ll be refreshing my shopping page with items we’ve purchased and LIKED… Continue Reading →

Why baby steps matter

Some days I get frustrated because things just don’t seem to be happening fast enough!  I try to be patient, and at times I truly succeed, but there are days when I wonder why the world is in slow motion. … Continue Reading →

Do I listen to Podcasts?

Do I listen to podcasts?  YOU BET I DO! I listen to podcasts in the car, while knitting, when I just want “me” time.  I consider podcasts as both personal and professional development tools. There are three podcasts I listen… Continue Reading →

Now THAT’s a wrap!!!

Seriously, I cannot believe I just learned about coconut wraps last month.  They are absolutely my favorite thing since discovering that I like zoodles.  Only raw zoodles.  Cooked zucchini still is on my “no” list. I first tried the coconut… Continue Reading →

Embrace the “It”! (part 1)

One of the things I really enjoy about taking hold of your life and reaching towards your dreams is the reality of making it happen. What is “it”? For me, the ability to spend time with my family and friends… Continue Reading →

All Access!

I’m trying to ignore the grocery stores today because we all know what February 15th means…. serious markdowns on all Valentine’s themed candies, chocolates and gifts.  I could easily fill a freezer full of dark chocolates without feeling the least… Continue Reading →

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