Cooking doesn’t need to take a long time or make a disaster of your kitchen.  If I am cooking in the house then the kitchen will be a disaster when done.  Therefore I try to use the Traeger grill as often as possible for meal prep.

Meal prepping for the week can be done as simply are as decadently as you wish.  We spend about 90 minutes each week prepping items for our work week.  I strongly believe in “Cook once, eat twice or better!” philosophy.  We grill meats and vegetables in large quantity on Mondays and portion out for several meals.  Some items will go into the freezer for use in upcoming weeks.  Others are enjoyed immediately.


My grocery list for this week:

Zucchini                                             Salmon filet
Tomatoes                                          2# chicken thighs or breasts
Cucumber                                          3-4# pork roast
Lettuce                                               18-ct eggs
Bell peppers
Apples                                               * Pick last of blackberries
Bananas                                            * Pick more blackberries
Olive oil                                              * Check for any strawberries

I’ll make a run to Bob’s Red Mill and to the Savory Spice Shop this week to replenish my spice blend supplies.  Love those two stores!!!

I’m attending a family reunion this week and will prepare my almost-famous bacon baked beans.  I’ll select bacon and produce on Saturday so everything is fresh as can be for our dinner.


Here are pictures of three meals I enjoyed already this week:


Smoked Country Style Ribs served atop a fresh green salad.


Grilled salmon with fresh vegetables.


And of course my daily GO TO, must have! My blended Shakeology!


Tell me about your meal planning for the week or the month.  Do you need help with meal planning?  Whadyaknow…. I can help with that!  I’ll also try not to lock myself out of the blog again…


Until next time,