IMG_20160625_171305Yesterday I attended the Wicked Wine Run which was 5k of hills through beautiful Stoller Vineyards in Dayton, OR.

BEAUTIFUL property!




But man….

Hills.  Where did all the hills come from???Screenshot_20160625-205231


After a week of stomach issues and 4# weight loss, participating in a 5k run wasn’t the smartest move.  But I finished it.  10 minutes slower than I had planned and with a few moments where I truly wanted to turn around and head back – afterall, heading BACK was DOWNHILL!!





IMG_20160625_202905Music was great, food was great, wine was excellent.  And I was surrounded by friends and family including meeting another Coach I “knew” through social media but hadn’t met in person!


A really special moment for me was crossing the finish line with my stepdad and my husband.  They stayed beside me the whole way even when I was walking slow as a turtle.  It meant a lot that my stepdad drove two hours each way to walk with me (I know he hoped I would be able to run it).  My nephew lapped us and all I really saw was a blurr running by.  Ah to be a teenager with all that energy!


IMG_20160625_215230I cannot wait to see the pictures when they are posted on Friday by the company who organizes the event.  I am sure I will grab some and post on here!

Look how cool my husband looks.  How does he look so cool when I was a sweaty mess?  I love you Mr.Hall.


Until next time,