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June 2016

5k Run in the books

Yesterday I attended the Wicked Wine Run which was 5k of hills through beautiful Stoller Vineyards in Dayton, OR. BEAUTIFUL property! BEAUTIFUL day!     But man…. Hills.  Where did all the hills come from???   After a week of… Continue Reading →

What makes a good sammy?

What makes a good sammy?   For ME there has to be crunch, and deep flavors.  The rest is just bonus. Grilled onions. Grilled mushrooms. Crispy lettuce. Ripe tomato sliced thick. Spicy brown mustard. Cheese or not. Meat or not…. Continue Reading →

100 deadliest days

And now we enter the 100 Deadliest Days on the Road. Memorial day kicks off what is known as the 100 deadliest days on the road. Speeds are up, driver volume is up, and technology is right there in our… Continue Reading →

Fitness band baaaack!

So about a week ago I broke the band on my fitness band.  I am very hard on jewelry and watches… so it’s no surprise that I eventually broke this item too.  I cut the band off and have been… Continue Reading →

Beat the Heat

It’s been in the upper 90s the past few days and honestly, the last thing I wanted to do was workout and sweat more than necessary. My husband surprised me on Saturday with an above ground swimming pool deep enough… Continue Reading →

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